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The Importance Of Remembering That We Are On A Journey
April 10, 2017 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
Jeff talks about the importance of not getting caught up and mired in just the fine details of what we are struggling with or what is causing us pain as it is also very important to pause and take a look at the "bigger picture" of our lives, where we are, and where we are headed. He explains why it is so easy for us to lose touch with the "here and now" and remain "inside our own heads" as it is so natural for us to do so when we are suffering because we are human and prone to paying the most attention to what is right in front of us and what is capturing our attention the most at any given time. He elaborates on the importance of widening out the lens that we see our lives with and taking some time to remember that we are really part of something much larger and how that can help us keep our perspective when times are tough.
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