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"Is This All There Is?"
April 20, 2017 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
Jeff talks about how sometimes we feel empty, dissatisfied, or anxious about how things are in some moments and how we can fear times when it seems like "this is all that there is" and what will happen next and what if things never change and we find ourselves stuck there. He discusses how one of the greatest realizations along the spiritual journey was that life has a way of being what one of his teachers call "extraordinarily ordinary." He explores how our society is quite overstimulated and how it can make it difficult to sit with the "ordinariness" of our life experiences when we find ourselves "wanting something more" and/or "wanting something different." It can become a habit to live a life of constant dissatisfaction and consistently searching for the next "dopamine hit," and it takes practice to more deeply immerse ourselves in the richness of what is, right here, right now. Ultimately, we can find a deeply meaningful life when we stop the search and as we learn to be more at home where we find ourselves and not craving or needing anything else or anything different.
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