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Mindfully Coping With "What's Next?"
May 18, 2017 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
In this episode, Jeff more fully explores about the benefits of being aware of how our minds can sometimes get lost in "wondering what's next" instead of just being present in each moment at work. He digs deeper into the subject of how in the world of work (and in our lives away from work), it can be very tempting to be envisioning and thinking about one or more steps ahead of where we are in the process and how that can cause us much unneeded suffering and can distract us from doing our best in the present moment. He reflects on situations in his life where he has experienced the temptation to harbor expectations for things to go a certain way in business and in personal relationships and how sometimes, disappointments, setbacks, or challenges in one area of life can affect the other. He also acknowledges how engaging in this behavior (sometimes mindlessly) has affected relationships with business associates, colleagues, friends, and family and how being more mindful of how we "bring ourselves into" encounters with people that we meet for the first time can allow us to cultivate healthier relationships overall and feel more centered, more at peace, and more open and genuine in our interactions with others. He brings it all together by speaking about how just simply being aware of how our minds are "going there" without being hard on ourselves can eventually lead to change as "in the moment awareness" while being fully engaged in life is a key benefit of ongoing mindfulness practice.
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