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Grounded in Simplicity

Bonnie Von Dohre, Danielle McCoy

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked?

We know the feeling! That's why we created this podcast. To help you take a step back from your busy life and rediscover what's truly essential.

You'll learn how to simplify your life, find enjoyment in simple activities, and discover the satisfaction that comes from creating a home based on your own unique vision.

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As two moms who are both overwhelmed and overworked, we know how difficult it can be to find fulfillment in the little pleasures that make us happy. We also know that some things just cannot be done with little ones tugging at your skirt.

The Grounded in Simplicity Podcast is on a mission to help women around the world ground themselves in a life full of purpose and simplicity.

Hosted by Bonnie Von Dohre of The Not So Modern Housewife and Danielle McCoy of The Rustic Elk.

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