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Ep 132: Recruiters Care and… - with Ben Martinez

October 08, 2022 Jonathan Flaks Season 3 Episode 23
The Career Transition Experts
Ep 132: Recruiters Care and… - with Ben Martinez
Show Notes

Recruiters work for the hiring managers that pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help with your career and job search.

  • Be specific on what you want next in your career and job. If you look at a sense of purpose and the bigger picture, it will get you farther.
  • Most recruiters care more about their work and quality of life, than just making money on placements. Many times they may talk a candidate out of a job it seems for the wrong reason. 

They will want you to consider them as a choice recruiter when you need help or have a talent problem.

  • It’s best to keep the interview process simple with no more than 4 interviews to decide. Too many hiring managers overcomplicate the process and make it harder.  Help them by not rescheduling interviews - keep your appointments.
  • Your reputation matters to the recruiters you want as your advocate with hiring managers. 

Ben Martinez has 20+ years of experience in-house recruiting and executive search recruiting. Owner and is the Principal recruiter of Ramp Talent for the last 5+ years. They work with growth stage companies on technology roles, sales roles and key executive hires. He has also personally worked on the executive team at VC-backed companies and now partners w/ VC firms with their portfolio companies to hire top talents. You may contact him at He owns an e-commerce coffee roasting company that roasts and ships anywhere in America -


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