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Ep 29: Cutting Edge LinkedIn Hack - with Marc Hutto

July 13, 2020 Jonathan Flaks Season 1 Episode 29
The Career Transition Experts
Ep 29: Cutting Edge LinkedIn Hack - with Marc Hutto
Show Notes

Many candidates consider the obvious aspects of a position when they decide whether to apply - the location, the salary, and skills required. These are all important things to think about, but in order to find the job you'll love - the role that's right for you - you'll need to go deeper.

Marc Hutto, a veteran search professional who uses a method called Purpose Driven Recruitment, believes that specific points, called Career Drivers, can be a better indicator of whether a role is likely to be right for a candidate.

While these Career Drivers include things like location and compensation, they also include meaning and purpose, personal and professional growth, culture, and more. While these Drivers will be different for each person, they're essential to have clarity on.

To help bring clarity to your networking and job search, one tool that Marc uses is Crystal Knows, a Chrome extension that analyzes the language of a LinkedIn profile or resume to give you a better understanding of how a networking contact or interviewer operates. This can give you a strong communication advantage.

Marc also discusses Whole Story, a program that helps you present your experience, values, and personality in innovative ways so that you can effectively and concisely tell your story during an interview.

Purpose Driven Recruitment is a process that encourages candidates to dig deeper into what really matters to them and then takes each aspect into account when matching a candidate with a role or company.

Listen to discover how to use this method to advance your career transition, effectively prepare for your interview, work well with your recruiter, and far more.

Marc Hutto is the Founder and CEO of Reveal Global Intelligence, a professional services firm that offers Passive Talent Recruiting and Sourcing services to large, global companies and rapidly growing small businesses. Marc offers 14 years of recruiting experience as well as 15 years with the world's 4th largest bank, offering a unique blend of skills and experience that have equipped him to reinvent the recruitment process.

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