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Ep 33: "What the Hell?" Bold, Proactive Strategies that Work - with Marty Gilbert

July 17, 2020 Jonathan Flaks Season 1 Episode 33
The Career Transition Experts
Ep 33: "What the Hell?" Bold, Proactive Strategies that Work - with Marty Gilbert
Show Notes

Ten years ago, Marty Gilbert founded NSENG (NorthShore Executive Networking Group) in the Chicago area with five leaders who were looking for jobs. They brainstormed, networked, and collaborated to help each other along their career paths. 

Today, NSENG is the area's largest job search network with over 6,500 members. This group is growing quickly and has been very successful in helping its members find positions that fit them well, with approximately 10 members being hired each week - even in the midst of the upset caused by Covid-19. In this episode, Marty shares several strategies and insights to help leaders across the country find and land the jobs they'll love.

Some of these strategies include:

  • How to be proactive in your leadership job search
  • The foundations of a successful career transition in today's market
  • The importance of being bold in your networking and search efforts
  • The What the Hell Approach (TM) to a leadership job search
  • How to approach your job search with a marketing mindset
  • How to get your foot in the door the ATS system rejects your application
  • Effective ways to tap into the hidden job market
  • and far more!

Learn how to put together a robust strategy, including developing a targeted company list and marketing campaign to market yourself well to prospective employers. In addition, Marty shares how to use this list and proactive strategies to put yourself in front on decision makers in ways that are likely to get your foot in the door.

In addition, Marty shares how to write a cover letter that will quickly get you noticed by decision makers. This strategy includes using the job description in addition to your own research and experience to customize a cover letter that will set you apart.

Jonathan and Marty also share several additional tips and strategies including:

  • The importance of framing your past experiences positively
  • Tips for optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile to position you for the jobs you want
  • How to use the positive aspects of recent changes in the business world to your advantage

Marty Gilbert is the Founder, CEO, and Job Search Coach of NSENG (NorthShore Executive Networking Group) in the Chicago area. For over 30 years, Marty was a senior level leader in marketing, sales, and product development for technology firms; for the past decade, he has led 6,500+ leaders and executives through their successful career transitions. You can learn more about Marty and the resources he has to offer at

NSENG offers many valuable training webinars and other resources for leaders in a career transition. You can find and register for these at

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