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The Shedtime Podcast was born from the minds of Sean Typhon and his friends from the live youtube panel show "THE GREEN ROOM", Frames Janklin and Overdrip. Along with their friend Ashton Palmer of Palmer's Powders, the ShedTime Podcast is a counter culture show, discussing vapor technology, cannabis, activism, and many other topics.The goal of the show is to bridge the gap of all people through our common grounds. Countless numbers of people consider themselves outsiders, a member of a counter culture, or otherwise just a little bit different. The Shedtime Podcast aims to be a platform where we can all grow together, learn together, and celebrate each other, all through the unique lens of these 4 friends. We hope that you find this show to be both informative and entertaining. Fun and Factual. Authentic and Genuine, while also being fanciful and free. We hope you're ready to take a ride with us, become a Shedhead, and discover all the amazing things that await you inside the SHED.More Content at