Learnt My Lesson with Jess & Sav

We Thought We Knew Each Other...

August 18, 2021 Stirred Media
Learnt My Lesson with Jess & Sav
We Thought We Knew Each Other...
Show Notes

We are very excited for you guys to hear this episode where we talk about an incredible project put together by some New Zealand rangatahi 'The Card Game', which is a game designed to normalise conversations about mental health.

In this episode we explain what exactly the card game is, how it works and we use a couple of the cards and questions to spark up a discussion. We were planning on answering 6 or so cards, but the questions were so great that we talked about each one for so long and only got through 3!

Hope you guys enjoy the episode, please check out The Card Game Instagram and support the incredible mahi these young girls are doing!

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