Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast

"I Can't Homeschool Because...." (Part 2)

June 10, 2021 Carrie De Francisco Season 2 Episode 72
Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast
"I Can't Homeschool Because...." (Part 2)
Show Notes

This week, Carrie continues her conversation she started last week.  Over the years, she has heard just about every reason and excuse for not homeschooling.  In this week's podcast, Carrie shares how and why you can homeschool your dyslexic child (or any student with learning challenges), why homeschooling is not an expensive option, how to homeschool if you are a working or single mom, and why you won't ruin your child if you homeschool through high school.  She tackles a few others as well.  Pour yourself an iced latte.  Put your feet up and listen with an open mind.  Carrie might just convince you that you CAN. homeschool and that you are the perfect person for the job. 

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