Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast

But God....

September 09, 2021 Carrie De Francisco Season 3 Episode 85
Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast
But God....
Show Notes

This week's coffee date with Carrie is 100% pure encouragement from God's Word!  Got challenges?  Homeschooling not going as planned?  Is life getting messier each day?  Are the excuses and feelings of guilt piling up?  Feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or under qualified?  If so, then it sounds like you need God to but into your life!  Give yourself a break. Extend grace to yourself.  Put the pity party favors away and then join Carrie for a much needed coffee break and time in God's Word.  In this week's episode, Carrie shares  how to have a "But God..." attitude this school year.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, open your Bible, get a bunch of post its and a big red sharpie pen.  You will need it all for this week's little coffee break. 

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