Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast

Homeschool Basics: The 4 R's

September 23, 2021 Carrie De Francisco Season 3 Episode 87
Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast
Homeschool Basics: The 4 R's
Show Notes

And you thought there were only 3 R's!!  Home education gives a mom the freedom and flexibility to focus on the basics:  Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, AND Relationships.   Homeschooling gives us the gift of time to build relationships and, in some cases, even restore them.  Before you spend tons of time (and money) planning and teaching, join Carrie in this two-part podcast on the 4 R's:  the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic and relationships.  In this week's episode, Carrie shares the blessings that come with homeschooling, especially in the area of building and restoring relationships.  The 4th R, Relationships, really is one of the basics (and blessings) of homeschooling.  Carrie reminds us building relationships is more important than building academic resumes.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, take a little coffee break, and be prepared to change your perspective and your definition of the "basics."

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