Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast

Homeschool Basics: The 4 R's (Part 2)

September 30, 2021 Carrie De Francisco Season 3 Episode 88
Coffee With Carrie: Homeschool Podcast
Homeschool Basics: The 4 R's (Part 2)
Show Notes

In this week's coffee break, Carrie continues her conversation on the basics:  reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Yes, teaching the basics is important but many well-,meaning moms focus too much energy, time, and money on teaching the "extras."  Homeschooling moms also tend to overcomplicate the teaching  of the basics.  Join Carrie for Part 2 of "Homeschool Basics:  The 4 R's" as she shares simple and practical ways to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic during the wonder years (K-4th) and even during the middle and high school years.  Carrie discusses what skills really need to be mastered and even gives suggestions for user-friendly curriculums and methods to try.  Pour yourself an extra espresso shot and then join Carrie for a little coffee and conversation on the basics.

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