Tradeswomen Talk

Mother & Daughter Building Together: Hellen Harris & Carey Mercer.

May 08, 2022 Judaline Cassidy & Andrea Harris Season 3 Episode 6
Tradeswomen Talk
Mother & Daughter Building Together: Hellen Harris & Carey Mercer.
Show Notes

With excitement…introducing …..
Hellen Harris retired union labourer ( Andrea Harris Mom ) and
Carey Mercer local 28 sheet metal worker ( Judaline Cassidy Daughter. 

This episode is special Mother’s Day episode is sponsored by our friends at RIDGID and Greenlee Tools.  These professional tool brands believe in empowering women and supporting the next generation of tradespeople.

Working in the trades can be a daunting challenging experience for women, but with people who believe and support the idea that the future of the trades is DIVERSITY we can inspire a new generation of girls and women to pick up the tools and join the ranks of tradeswoman.

Listen as we learn that not only sons follow their fathers into the trades. On this episode  Hellen Harris  shares her experience and pride about her daughter that followed her into the trades; and Carey mercer she is an experience as the daughter of a woman, and what she believes is the future of the skill trades.

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