Tradeswomen Talk

First Lady Of Nevada Evelyn Pacheco

May 04, 2020 Judaline Cassidy Season 1 Episode 2
Tradeswomen Talk
First Lady Of Nevada Evelyn Pacheco
Show Notes

Three words that describe our guest Evelyn Pacheco on this episode of Tradeswomen Talk.

1. Goodness: selfless desire to be generous to others.

2. Courage: is grace under pressure

3. Limitless: infinite possibilities come to those who believe.

She’s a woman that worked hard, and done well, and walk through that doorway of opportunity.  She made sure that same doorway of opportunity remains open to reach back and provide the same chances that helped her succeed.  She’s not just the founder and the head of a nonprofit organization for women; she is the first black woman to be licensed as a plumber in the state of Nevada. As well she served in the U.S Army.  
She believes there’s no limit to what we, as women can accomplish not matter the set of circumstances.
With excitement, let me introduce to you Evelyn Pacheco. 

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