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William N Hodges

Veterans Corner Radio focuses on what those who have served in the military, and their families need to know to maximize the services and benefits due to them. No matter if you are currently serving or got out 50 years ago, this program will give you answers to questions you didn’t even know you should be asking. Among those who have been and will be sharing their knowledge are those from the Department of Defense (DOD), Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, National Cemetery Administration, members of Congress (both House and Senate), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), American Legion, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Military Order of World Wars (MOWW), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Vietnam Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), just to name a few.You will learn, among many other things, how to use the VA claim process, the services offered by the James A Haley VA Hospital that your local VA hospital may also offer and how to make use of them, and how to access educational benefits and home loans. What you have just read is the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more captured in the shows already posted and those yet to come. Each show is roughly a 15-minute investment in your future and that of your family. Start now to gain the knowledge that will serve you and your family, just as you served your country. We are not a part of any governmental organization.
Are you a vet needing a job or the training to get one. We may have the answer.June 26, 2022 Episode artwork Do you or do you in someone you love seem to have a personality change as they grow older? I might be what is becoming known as Delayed PTSD. Listen in to see why it might be well to get a check up.June 19, 2022 Episode artwork VA dental treatment. Who is eligible and some things that might suprise you. Dr. Patricia Arola, Asst. Under Secretary for Dentistry answers some important questions. June 12, 2022 Episode artwork VA can set you up with a cost free, fully functioning bank account. Listen to hear how you can get one.June 05, 2022 Episode artwork VA is working on diagnosing illnesses before you even get sick.You could be cured before you know you are even ill.May 29, 2022 Episode artwork Why the VA Emergency Room may well be your best choice.May 20, 2022 Episode artwork Prostate Cancer, what is new in its treatment and is it always something that should be treated. What are the alternatives?May 15, 2022 Episode artwork Criteria for benefit payments to both veterans and survivors along with some good news on how pensions will be paid. Listen in to learn more.May 08, 2022 Episode artwork Have a back ache, there may be help comming. Hear from Dr. Kevin White about advances in the spinal cord clinic.May 01, 2022 Episode artwork Have you used up your education Benefits? Well there might be good news, as some additional benefits have become available.April 24, 2022 Episode artwork The NEED IS GREAT! We all like to hear, "Thank you for your service." But now the VA needs ours, whether you served in the past or not the VA needs volunteers. Will you be one of them.April 17, 2022 Episode artwork Our national Blood Supply is at risk. We currently are down to one day of less reserves of blood. The VA is asking everyone that can or might be able to give blood to do so. Go to any blood draw and ask it be credited to the VA.April 10, 2022 Episode artwork For many dependant Champ VA is a major boost to their standard of living. Having comprehensive health care can take a lot of finacial worry out of everyday life. Tune in to learn more about this great program from Scott Fromm, Executive Director of DeliveApril 03, 2022 Episode artwork Afghan war veteran Ben Peterson has through his organization Engage Your Destiny set up a remarkable welcome home Vietnam Vets in Daytona Beach Florida. You will want to know about it and if possible attend.March 27, 2022 Episode artwork Do you know what medical benefits you have from the VA or Champva if you are living or traveling overseas. Listen in to Scott Fromm, Executive Director of Delivery Operations, for VA Community Care. to hear part one of this two part program.March 20, 2022 Episode artwork Radio and television personality and retired US Navy LT Commander, Montel Williams Discusses his new program Military Makeover.March 13, 2022 Episode artwork Did you know that many veterans have over $100,000 available to make their home accessible and adaptive to their needs. Listen in to hear if you qualify.March 06, 2022 Episode artwork VA Home loans a refinacing, It is easy when you follow the diretionsFebruary 27, 2022 Episode artwork Presumptive diseases, what are they and how to they affect your claim. The VA accepts some diseases contracted from service in certain areas or exposure from some chemicals. They are constantly being updated. Here is an update.February 20, 2022 Episode artwork This week we will learn more about scams and how to take action should you get caught up in one. VA's Chief Finacial Officer Charles Tapp shares some proactive approches to protecting your money.February 13, 2022 Episode artwork VA's top man when it come to cyber crime is Joe Stenaka. VA Exec. Dir. of Info. Sec. and Chief Privacy Officer. Listen in to hear how you can protect your pensions/assets from CyberCrime. Learn how to protect yourselfFebruary 06, 2022 Episode artwork The VA needs you! We all like to hear, "Thank you for your service." But now the VA needs ours, whether you served in the past or not the VA needs volunteers. Will you be one of them.January 30, 2022 Episode artwork Health care is more than patching you up when accident or disease attacks your body. Dr. Cynthia Grant, VA Deputy Director of Patient-Centered Care and Cultural Transformation tells us about the VA's efforts to provide whole health care to provide a prevJanuary 23, 2022 Episode artwork VA Under Secretary Matthew Quinn of the National Cemeteries Administration speaks on our national cemeteries and how to make use of them. January 12, 2022 Episode artwork David K Dunning is the new Director at the Tampa Fl, James A Haley Veterans Hospital. Hear his thoughts on assuming control of this great facility. During the program you will hear a little about his background, and get an idea of his management style. January 09, 2022 Episode artwork