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Bert Botta

Welcome Everyday Heroes, I’m Bert Botta, the creator of the Everyday Heroes podcast series and welcome. Hi Guys, One day about 3 years ago I experienced something that would forever change how I look at relationships! Here's what happened …I was the editor of the Private Jet Pilots newsletter and I was doing interviews for pilot profiles in the newsletter. I’ve always been a “people person” but so much of the time my relationships were like “Hey, how you doing, gotta run!” That usually left me wanting more. But during the interviews, I got to really know my fellow pilots, I discovered how much I really enjoyed getting to know them on a more personal level by working with them that way. That feeling of connection made me realize that I found something that I’ve always been good at, connecting people with something that I really enjoyed doing, TURNING INTERVIEWS INTO PODCASTS that connect everyone, the guys and gals who I interview with the ones who listen to my podcasts and me! Perfect! Long story short, everyone wins! My podcasts are more than random stories; they are powerful messages of entertainment, hope, education, connection, and community for my listeners, especially for those of us in the aviation community. You can listen to the podcasts by clicking the Subscribe button below; it’s FREE and you’ll be able to hear a new and different podcast that comes out every Tuesday, 9 am Pacific time. And if you have a story that needs telling, let me know and we’ll make you the next Everyday Hero! Bert
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