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The Australian Podiatry Association is the largest and oldest peak body representing podiatry and promoting foot health in Australia. As the leading provider of quality continuing education for podiatrists, we support our members with opportunities to develop their professional career, uphold standards and build connections.We are committed to the advancement of podiatry to improve foot health in the community. The positive impact of podiatric care changes the lives of one in five Australians who suffer from foot pain.

Recent Episodes

What's your WHY? | The Journey to finding your WHY with Samantha Gash and Joe BrooksMay 11, 2021 Episode artwork What’s On? | The 2021 Australian Podiatry Conference April 29, 2021 Episode artwork 2021 Australian Podiatry Conference Keynote. Professor David Hunter | Osteoarthritis. Assessment & the Treatment PathwayApril 12, 2021 Episode artwork So, You Want to be a Podiatric Surgeon? March 31, 2021 Episode artwork The Challenges & Inspirations of Rural/Remote PodiatryMarch 10, 2021 Episode artwork The Australasian Council of Podiatry Deans. An important voice for podiatry educatorsFebruary 17, 2021 Episode artwork Thinking of Buying or Selling a Podiatry Practice? What to consider before signing on the dotted line …February 03, 2021 Episode artwork Let’s Talk Paediatric DermatosesJanuary 20, 2021 Episode artwork The Positives From 2020 | There have been some!December 09, 2020 Episode artwork Professional Responsibilities | Where do they start and end? November 25, 2020 Episode artwork Evidence Based Practice | How DO you find the best evidence to guide your practice? November 11, 2020 Episode artwork Recognising Signs of Abuse in PatientsOctober 28, 2020 Episode artwork Podiatry. Its More Than Just Toenails October 14, 2020 Episode artwork Chronic Pain | Same Same, But Different September 23, 2020 Episode artwork Will "COVID Toes" Also Mean The Return Of The Humble Case Study? September 09, 2020 Episode artwork COVID-19 | What Has Been the Impact on the 2020 Podiatry Cohort? August 26, 2020 Episode artwork Difficult Conversations | Don't leave them hangingAugust 05, 2020 Episode artwork Thinking About Doing Your PhD? | The ins and outs of PhD study for podiatrists July 22, 2020 Episode artwork Time To Look Outside the Big Smoke! | How to attract graduates to regional podiatry rolesJuly 08, 2020 Episode artwork The Opportunity in Every DifficultyJune 24, 2020 Episode artwork The Return to Professional League: The post COVID-19 return to sport for the elite athleteJune 05, 2020 Episode artwork "The hand santitiser's by the door" - Podiatry Home Visits and COVID-19May 26, 2020 Episode artwork Burnout and the Australian Podiatrist May 05, 2020 Episode artwork Gemma and Her Calf Injury: How training load and forces experienced by muscles and tendons influence injury.April 24, 2020 Episode artwork APodA CEO & Co: Navigating Pods Through Covid-19April 07, 2020 Episode artwork