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Bubbles & Bullshit

Nicole Anastasi & Jennifer Knoeppel

Welcome to “Bubbles and Bullshit,” a podcast where both the bubbles and bullshit are flowing! We’re completely inappropriate as we explore the real truth behind being single and approaching the big 40. We’ve attended hundreds of baby/bridal showers, given up on dating apps and are the sole survivors of non-engaged/married individuals in our families. We love our married and now even our divorced friends, take pride in being the coolest Aunt to their kids, but we would be richer than Kylie Jenner if we had a dollar for every time someone asked us if we found the one yet. Breaking news: We’re still single but hope to date someone worthwhile this decade. Sometimes, we get real crazy and talk reality TV, sports and the botox we still haven’t had the guts to get. Please grab a drink and listen responsibly.
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