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I Want Everything

Tom Manly

I Want Everything is a six-part, full cast dramatisation comedy drama by Tom Manly. Two young strangers appear in a dimensionless void. They learn from their unwilling and flatulent guide that they have been summoned to undertake The Bidding. The Bidding is a difficult, no, nearly impossible task. The most likely outcome for the summoned is death ... but completing The Bidding is their only way home. What is the curious purpose of these quests? Who are the mysterious Stewards who oversee the process? What ancient prophesies drive a conflict that threatens to engulf our heroes and the vast Hachne Empire? What happens when a Giant meets a social influencer and why does everyone dream that someone else has taken their spoon!? This full cast dramatisation stars award winning stand-up Abigoliah Schamaun, Sophie Ladds (Silent Witness), Rossana Miles (This Time Tomorrow) and Hector Scott-Manly (Comedy Club 4 Kids). The Guest Star is David Graham, the voice of the first Dalek (Doctor Who), the voice of Parker and Brains (Thunderbirds) and Grandpa Pig (in the mighty Peppa Pig!!!!!!). Original Music is by Matthew Sharrock. The Theme Song ("I Want Everything" by The Godfathers) appears courtesy of The Godfathers and the full version is available for download from iTunes and other services.The content is not explicit and swearing is censored with amusing overdubs. However, it would not take a genius to guess which words are being replaced and there are couple of jokes based around words that sound a bit like swear words.There are two versions of each episode, ones with a series catch-up at the beginning and one's without in case you have, you know, just listened to the previous ones. There is also a special message from a social influencer encouraging you to subscribe, rate, like and whatnot.

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