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Brian Meier

Block and Lot with Brian Meier. The no BS, look inside what's actually going on in New York City Real Estate. Brian answers questions from listeners, gives the authentic, current market condition and each week shares how to tackle the countless challenges and unpredictable situations that are part of an agent's everyday life. Whether you strategize from his experiences or prepare for tomorrow's pitch, this podcast is for those who live and breathe real estate.

Recent Episodes

Fall Market Predictions, options for buyers whose mortgage contingency expired & our guest the brilliant Michael Nerenberg Esq. breaks down the much buzzed about "law of unintended consequences" aka the Housing Stability & Tenant ProtectAugust 23, 2019 Episode artwork Why clean data, great photos & fast response rate is vital in this market, strategies on what to do if a coop board keeps rejecting buyers and our guest the Queen of Ulster County, Amy Crossfield. August 08, 2019 Episode artwork How legislation is affecting the industry, why the rental market is blazing and our illustrious guest this week Alexandra Whelehan, the Director of Admissions at Leman Manhattan Preparatory SchoolJuly 30, 2019 Episode artwork How the snickers rebrand attempt is relevant to the current market, what to do if your neighbor's smoking makes your apt smell like an ashtray and our guest one of Brooklyn's most distinguished, funny and savvy top brokers, Heather McMaster July 02, 2019 Episode artwork What to do if your client is in contract in a new development and the price drops, Does a seller have to disclose an alleged haunted property? Our guests this week the incredibly talented Michael Yang and Doug Morris.June 19, 2019 Episode artwork The Spring Market, how to handle a listing agent who blows you off and fresh perspective from our invigorated guest Juan Barreneche, the CEO of the Gold Bar Team June 10, 2019 Episode artwork How this graduate from this Culinary Institute of America got into the real estate industry and our guest, one of the top restaurateur's in the world, Wine Director and owner of Yono's and DP's in downtown Albany Dominick Purnomo. May 02, 2019 Episode artwork Coversion Vs. Ground up buildings, why listings don't move and our guest the Stunner of of Sales, senior agent Kane Manera April 10, 2019 Episode artwork Destructive and flawed Bill #1423, using a CEMA to save my clients money and our guest the exceptionally astute Matthew Fotis, Senior Managing Director at Marcus and MillichapMarch 17, 2019 Episode artwork 2018 takeaways, the danger of buying tomorrow's value, today and the distinguished Matt Lesser, partner at Leslie Garfield March 06, 2019 Episode artwork