SelfKind with Erica Webb

Ep 105: You don't need permission

June 17, 2021 Erica Episode 105
SelfKind with Erica Webb
Ep 105: You don't need permission
Show Notes

If you're anything like me, even as an adult, you often feel like you need 'permission' or validation or confirmation that you're 'doing it right' when it comes to movement and self kindness and self-care.

For whatever reason, we have this way of outsourcing the assessment of our capacity to do something (a great example is waiting for the yoga teacher to tell you to inhale or exhale while you patiently hold your breath ...)

And yet, we also know that WE are the ultimate authority when it comes to our self and our body. We know we want to and CAN foster our capacity to listen and respond to our body. But how? And how do we balance this with seeking direction and advice from professionals and teachers we trust?

In this episode I talk about why we might want to get a little bit more comfortable with the idea of doing things without guaranteed results. Yep, we're talking about experimenting with movement.

Mentioned in this episode:

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