SelfKind with Erica Webb

Ep 108: Doubly smart goals with Natalia Walker

July 08, 2021 Episode 108
SelfKind with Erica Webb
Ep 108: Doubly smart goals with Natalia Walker
Show Notes

Today I'm welcoming Natalia Walker from Inner Creative to The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast to talk all about unlocking our inspiration and the 'doubly smart' approach to setting goals that make us happy.

What really excited me about my conversation with Natalia was her approach to goal-setting that centers self-care around the goals themselves, rather than the traditional techniques that often rely on (or result in) push, punishment, guilt and shame.

Specifically, Natalia shares with us her unique take on SMART goal setting (it's not what you think and Natalia's take on this is INSPIRING!) and how ensuring that we are supported (internally and externally) in our pursuit of what makes us happy is vital in the process.

Natalia shares:

> why self-kindness doesn't equate to laziness
> why knowing what makes us happy is important (but maybe also not immediately obvious)
> the importance of starting small when it comes to moving toward our goals
> the role of creating a 'container' to support our goal pursuits
> how we can work with our 'resistance to starting' and her approach to failure (it's not the end of the road)
> how we can use our body as a barometer and the importance of noticing how we feel.

All this and more! I loved chatting with Natalia and am thrilled to share this conversation with you.

More about Natalia:
Inner Creative is all about empowering you to harness your creativity and inner wisdom, so you can create a life or business that feels more inspired and authentic to you. Live and work to your fullest potential! You can find out more about Natalia and her work via her website.

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