SelfKind with Erica Webb

Episode 121: The lies of the Instagram Yogi.

October 07, 2021 Episode 121
SelfKind with Erica Webb
Episode 121: The lies of the Instagram Yogi.
Show Notes

Ok, so I'm being intentionally provocative with the title of this episode. But hear me out! Instagram (and the internet in general) is a mine of information. So much so that it can be hard to know where to start. And if you simply type #yoga into the Instagram search bar? Well ... you'd be forgiven for believing yoga was all about bending yourself in half.

In this episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast I'm sharing a few things to keep in mind as you scroll so that you can stay connected with what is actually helpful for YOU. Because if your goal is to move well and feel well, chances are you need simplicity, not extremes.

Tune in to hear more about:
> the 'lies' of aesthetics
> why flexibility is not inherently correlated with virtue, pain or wellbeing
> why '5 poses for your back pain' posts are sometimes misleading and often don't 'work'
> why YOU are not the problem when poses don't 'work' or feel inaccessible
> why the basics are usually more useful than the extreme (even though they're not as sexy).

Thoughts? You know I'd LOVE to hear them.

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