SelfKind with Erica Webb

Ep 126: When you feel broken

November 11, 2021 Erica Episode 126
SelfKind with Erica Webb
Ep 126: When you feel broken
Show Notes

I'm no stranger to feeling broken, or like my body is betraying me. And so I get that what I'm about to suggest may sit uncomfortably if you've ever felt the same:

If you feel broken, a big part of your 'fix' is in realising you're NOT broken.

That's the conversation we're diving into today in this episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast.

I talk about:
> the importance and impact of language
> how we know our body is always working for us, not against us
> why information alone isn't enough (and why I invite you to make your own mind up, not just take my word for it)
> the weather in Melbourne and how it poses a wonderful analogy for change in our bodies!

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Link to check out the Low Back Love Workshop Replay:

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