SelfKind with Erica Webb

Ep 128: Lies that keep you stuck

November 25, 2021 Erica Episode 128
SelfKind with Erica Webb
Ep 128: Lies that keep you stuck
Show Notes

It's easy to feel like we're not making progress toward what we want. For example, maybe you WANT a sustainable, consistent movement practice that supports you to feel well in your body ... but you can't get it to stick. The lies could be to blame ...

Lies that tell you:
> doing less is bad
> asking for help is weak
> sharing your struggles is wrong
> taking the easier option or using props is weak
> resting is soft
> saying no is selfish ...

(we could go on, but that's a good list to start).

These lies presuppose that there is ONE right way. They leave out the contradictions and nuance that is the human reality. So let's break the lies down, shall we?

Want to explore how to break these lies down so they get out of the way of you moving toward what you want and how you want to feel? Tune in to hear more, then come share your thoughts with me in the DMs on Instagram. You'll also find me over on my website and on Facebook.

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