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Cuyamungue Institute: Conversation 4 Exploration. Laura Lee Show

Laura Lee & Paul Robear

Laura Lee & Paul Robear host wide-ranging conversations with leading-edge researchers in a variety of interdisciplinary fields. Every guest, every conversation, fills in another piece of the Grand Puzzle. Ultimately, it’s about the eternal questions -- who are we? where did we come from? where are we going? and what's it all about, anyway? For the widest perspective, we include our early ancestors worldwide to see what wisdom of the past may inform our future! Laura and Paul bring their media background hosting and producing "The Laura Lee Show" on nationally syndicated terrestrial radio to their current mission as Directors of the Cuyamungue Institute, a 501-c-3 NonProfit research organization founded by anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman. Learn more at
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