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Shadow of a Mercenary


Shadow of a Mercenary, is a dramatic true docu-story that chronicles the life of Verlin Siefkes: an adopted Kansas farm kid who built a successful crop dusting business and an ex-Marine, who got squeezed by crooked bankers during the late 70s-80s during the Farm-Aid & War on Drugs era.Unfortunately, a greedy financial institution officers push Verlin to the brink, so he finally agreed to use his flying skills to transport a shipment of Quaaludes for a friend, to help feed his family and keep his crop-dusting business alive. Verlin wasn’t aware his employer was being watched by the FEDs and on a rainy night in Georgia his plane is brought down in a cornfield. Verlin was given two choices; stay in jail with a young daughter at home or become a drug-running double-agent spy for the U.S. government.In 1988, Verlin was kidnapped for 28 days by Escobar's Medellin cartel, because of several internal DEA mistakes. Verlin not only survived captivity but was eventually forced to return only to be shunned and left for dead by the very government he served in the Marines."Because if you don't really exist, it’s easy to be betrayed, when you're the Shadow of a Mercenary.”