Shadow of a Mercenary

Ep. 8: "A Rainy Night in Georgia"

June 14, 2021 Kevin Season 1 Episode 8
Shadow of a Mercenary
Ep. 8: "A Rainy Night in Georgia"
Show Notes

Welcome to Shadow of a Mercenary, a Docu-Podcast presentation, created & hosted, by Kevin E. West. Shadow of a Mercenary chronicles the dramatic true story that chronicles the life of Verlin Siefkes: a simple crop dusting adopted Kansas farm kid of the 40s/50s who served his country as a Marine, loved painting his daughter's toenails on the porch and survived 28 days of captivity by Escobar's Medellin cartel. Verlin is betrayed by family, screwed over by crooked bankers during the late 70s - 80s and finds himself trapped between providing for his family and the U.S. government. Very often in life, it can be the most simple decision, that is the most fateful. Ultimately, Verlin is forced to become a double-agent by the DEA and eventually both shunned and dismissed, by the very government he served to protect in the Marines. Then again, it’s easy to be betrayed, when no one knows you exist.”

As Verlin has said many times about others engaging him there is a great deal of truth in this; You poke the bull too often – you get the horns. Well, unfortunately that table gets turned on Verlin in this pivotal episode. But much like being betrayed about adoption, being betrayed by his extended family and being betrayed by the financial institutions surrounding him – he got the ultimate betrayal. The next thing Verlin knew – was he was flying in a thunderstorm surrounded by federal agents.

NOTE: This presentation contains occasional language inappropriate for a younger audience. Additionally, due to COVID, there is a variation of sound level sources. No need to adjust your sound as the occasional fluctuation is not related to your equipment!

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Story by: Kevin E. West, Verlin Siefkes
Written by, Kevin E. West
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