Optimal Health Uncovered

E31: Lara Spencer – a client's perspective on Optimal Health

December 22, 2020
Optimal Health Uncovered
E31: Lara Spencer – a client's perspective on Optimal Health
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Todd welcomes special guest and Good Morning America host, Lara Spencer, to the podcast. Lara Spencer is also the star of Flea Market Flip on HGTV. A a long-time client at Performance, Lara discusses her journey towards Optimal Health, as well as her life-changing hip surgery and what she does to stay fit and healthy in its aftermath. Lara and Todd also touch upon her health and wellness lifestyle as a television star, mother, wife and athlete.


Lara Spencer

Host for ABC Good Morning America (GMA)

Star of Flea Market Flip

Lara Spencer is a client and a friend of Todd and Performance

4 pillars of Optimal Health 

Lara is trying to workout and stay healthy and eat some good food during the holidays

This is Lara Spencer’s very first podcast

Lara Spencer started her journey with Performance in April of 2016 

Groin injury that would not go away

Lara is an avid tennis player with tennis elbow

Lara Spencer went to HSS to see Peter Moley for her groin injury

Elbow was fine and needed a hip replacement

Dr. Edwin Sue put it off

Stave off surgery so we didn’t have to do another hip replacement

No cartilage left in her hip

Congenital hip dysplasia

Lara plays tennis, works out and plays golf

Lara Spencer was a student athlete in high school and at Penn State

Diver in high school and college

Transition from athlete to a life and career path

Never worked out consistently

Lara Spencer says she has a remarkable metabolism

Strength training

Sport specific for tennis or golf

Allows the body to recover

How active do you keep yourself

How much are you eating or drinking alcohol

Knowing how long it takes to recover

Cooperating with your body rather than challenging your body

Works out and does something healthy everyday

Recovery is incredibly helpful

Massage is more than an indulgence, it’s a part of her recovery

How has nutrition changed over the past 4 or 5 years

Lara Spencer: Plant based diet makes her feel better

Alcohol intake has decreased

Body has a harder time in keeping up with the toxicity of the alcohol

Breathing techniques and meditating to relieve stress

What in GMA (Good morning America) speaks to you?

Longevity in life

How we eat and sleep