Maximize Business Value Podcast

[MBV Playbook] Ch. 13 — Prepare and Roll a 13-Week Forecast (#173)

August 31, 2023 Episode 173
Maximize Business Value Podcast
[MBV Playbook] Ch. 13 — Prepare and Roll a 13-Week Forecast (#173)
Show Notes

Step into a world of financial insight on the Maximize Business Value Podcast! In this week's episode, we spotlight Chapter 13 - "Prepare and Roll a 13-Week Forecast." Get ready for an exploration of how dynamic forecasting can illuminate the path to business success.

Forecasting isn't just about predicting the future – it's about actively shaping it. We're diving into the transformative power of preparing a 13-week forecast. Join Tom as he guides us through this dynamic tool that offers a window into your company's financial health.

Unlike budgets, which are set in stone prior to the start of the year, forecasts and projections are agile and responsive. Discover how a 13-week forecast provides you with the pulse of your business, helping you stay ahead of potential challenges and seize growth opportunities. We're talking real-time insights that empower your decisions.

Learn how to harness the power of forecasting, refine your business strategies, and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic marketplace.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to navigate the intricacies of financial projection!


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Tom Bronson is the founder and President of Mastery Partners, a company that helps business owners maximize business value, design exit strategy, and transition their business on their terms. Mastery utilizes proven techniques and strategies that dramatically improve business value that was developed during Tom’s career 100 business transactions as either a business buyer or seller. As a business owner himself, Tom has been in your situation hundreds of times, and he knows what it takes to create and implement the right strategy. Tom is passionate about helping business owners and has the experience to do it.

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