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The Sphinx Code: Unveil Your Subconscious Archetypes

August 03, 2020 Chris Oh Episode 17
P.S. Younger Self
The Sphinx Code: Unveil Your Subconscious Archetypes
Show Notes

What if you had a blueprint of your soul, including what your inherited subconscious beliefs are and the specific actions steps you need to take to transcend them and live the life your soul was destined for? 

Enter the fascinating wisdom system called the Sphinx Code that will blow your mind. The Sphinx Code was channeled by the visionary spiritual scientist Manex Ibar. It's a new and unique system of knowledge using an algorithm combining your birth date, numerology and the Tarot that maps out your personal subconscious archetypes along with your transcendent path to work through your shadows and come into alignment with your true path.

In this episode you'll learn:

3:30: What is the Sphinx Code and why it is a valuable tool to understand your subconscious patterns.

5:43: What is the correlation between the Sphinx Code and the Emerald Tablets.

9:59: Why is it important to understand our subconscious patterns through the Tarot's 22 Major Arcanas/archetypes?

16:00: Understanding our masculine and feminine wounds.

19:46: How our ego is a double edged sword - helps us manifest things while being our biggest trap.

23:45: What is the connection between will power and ego. Why is this important?

24:20: How our society is rewarding the negative/conditioned ego.

27:00: How to spot and attract more synchronicities in your abundant life.

29:50: How to laugh at your ego rather than be a victim of it.

36:50: How the transcendental path is unique to the Sphinx Code in helping you move beyond your shadows.

42:14: Why there are more wounds in the feminine.

45:07: How your karma brought you into this world.

46:45: Manex' reading on the next seven years from the Sphinx Code perspective. Why we will see a massive shift in power within the next seven years.

To learn more about the fascinating wisdom system Sphinx Code or any of the other incredible spiritual work of Manex Ibar, visit http://manexibar.com or http://www.sphinxcode.com. You can connect with Manex directly through his sites, as well. 

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