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Ep 107. How do YOU become a brand? With Megan Kent

November 01, 2022 Megan Kent Episode 211
Get To Know You
Ep 107. How do YOU become a brand? With Megan Kent
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How do YOU become a brand?

This week, I’ll be sitting down with the wonderful Megan Kent ( She has spent much of her career working for the world’s top advertising agencies. She's shaped the brand strategy for many of the world’s most important brands (BMW, Coca-Cola, New York Times, Microsoft, Brand USA.) Megan’s passion and commitment to understanding people’s relationships with brands drove her to the study of not only what people think, but HOW PEOPLE THINK.

She’s spent over a decade immersed in the latest findings in cognitive science. The distillation of her learning in this area combined with over 30 years in marketing lead Megan to create a proprietary system for helping brands connect more powerfully with people.

It’s called Brain Friendly Branding® - 7 essential principles for creating brands a brain can love. .Megan has been incredibly generous and has given a free link to her Masterclass

Tune in as we discuss;
What are the 3 core principles that govern our behavior?

How to create an intuitively satisfying customer experience?

Can we go around human instinct? And soooo much more. 

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