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Muscle Talk - By International Protein

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By far the best bodybuilding podcast where you'll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about getting results fast. Christine Envall, a 3-time world champion in bodybuilding, mentors us with her training tips, nutrition advice and strategies for how to achieve extreme results. Christine is a food scientist, a former professional athlete, and a founding co-owner of International Protein. podcast is made to assist bodybuilders, but it's a fascinating listen for anyone interested in building muscle, such as cross-fit athletes, powerlifters and other high-performance athletes. Episodes include:- How to shred- Which proteins are best & when- Sleep for muscle growth- Injuries and bodybuilding- Tips on bulking- & more. There's no-one more qualified in the world to give you better advice than Christine who's dedicated both her business life and personal goals to growing muscle. Have a listen and join our Muscle Talk Facebook page to join our community, ask questions, and we'll answer them on these podcasts. This podcast is recorded in the Gold Coast of stunning Australia and produced by International Protein.