Feed Your Soul with Kim

44: Spirituality, Kindness & the Coronavirus

March 16, 2020 Women Entrepreneurs
Feed Your Soul with Kim
44: Spirituality, Kindness & the Coronavirus
Show Notes
There is lots of panic and fear out there. People are experiencing fear and anxiety and it is showing up in interesting ways, like buying lots of toilet paper and water. There's a lot of information out there that is scary.

This week we are looking at ways to move beyond the fear and anxiety in order to look at how being spiritual can change our mood and perspective. In order to move out of powerlessness, it’s time to have a spiritual look at what is going on with us and the coronavirus.

Join us on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast as we discuss:

How can spirituality lessen fear and anxiety?
What is the number 1 way to be more spiritual in the age of the coronavirus?
What question you need to ask of yourself to bring more peace.

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