Feed Your Soul with Kim

40: Self-Love ~ The Key Ingredient

February 17, 2020 Women Entrepreneurs
Feed Your Soul with Kim
40: Self-Love ~ The Key Ingredient
Show Notes
Is it hard to feel good about yourself when you are thinking about food, overeating, and your weight? The secret is not more dieting and definitely NOT more self-hatred.

On this week’s Valentine’s Day themed Feed Your Soul with Kim, we discover how tough and important it is to increase our self-love. We will look at how to increase our positive feelings about ourselves. We will see how there is a direct correlation between eating less and caring for yourself.

Join us this week as we discuss:

•Learn 3 ways to start loving yourself more NOW.
•Hear the tool you can use in any circumstance that is 100% effective.
•Lastly, Kim shares her personal method to increase self- love.

Here are the journal questions from this call...

1)The barrier to loving myself is...
2)I experience self-love the most when I...

Write for up to 10 minutes on each topic, starting each paragraph with one of the above questions.

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