Feed Your Soul with Kim

5: The Four Hungers ~ What Are You Really Hungry For?

June 12, 2019 Women Entrepreneurs
Feed Your Soul with Kim
5: The Four Hungers ~ What Are You Really Hungry For?
Show Notes
It's painful when you cannot stop overeating, you feel bad about yourself, your body and your life.

If you want to put food in it's proper place as nourishment and increase your satisfaction in your life - this podcast is for you.

Each Monday, join Kim McLaughlin, as she helps you find peace with food and feed your soul.

In this episode, we discuss the different types of hunger that lead you to overeat. Until you recognize the different hungers, you might eat for reasons other than your physical needs.

Did you know there are 4 types of hungers and only one is for food?!

In this podcast you will:

Learn the 4 different types of hunger.
See what clues the different hungers can give you to help you not overeat.
Learn how to “feed” those hungers.
Come away with a tool to practice now.

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