Feed Your Soul with Kim

Episode 1: Let's Get Started! ~ Learn the Six Core Concepts to "Feed Your Soul"

May 13, 2019 Women Entrepreneurs
Feed Your Soul with Kim
Episode 1: Let's Get Started! ~ Learn the Six Core Concepts to "Feed Your Soul"
Show Notes
In this premiere episode meet our host, Kim McLaughlin, licensed and trained psychotherapist. Learn how she will guide her listeners to increase self-care and self-love through understanding what food means to you!

Kim believes there are six core components or concepts to finding your peace with food...

1) The Physical
2) The Emotional
3) The Mental
4) Lifestyle
5) Mindfulness and
6) Self-Love

We'd love to build a community so please feel free to engage by submitting questions or topics you'd like discussed.

What are your personal "demons" with food? What gets in your way to having peace with food and putting in it's proper place as nourishment?

Submit your thoughts and or questions to Kim via email (kimmclaughlinmft@gmail.com) or to our Facebook community...Feed Your Soul Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/1172488142887200/?hc_ref=ARQ4_QU3TZTiF2pWExPcdXqIR-DFjT8eJl8bVfkFHub2sF0FoPdulUWDne4gxAbiYHg&__xts__[0]=68.ARCNesOZKrI7RandetKytcCS1ZGeAjPPmkCqdjPsmaNOvtSi_ai8xldvpckv8uNmtIfZAnD2Kg08OPHOPR_QtLf4SCSKHvgwdyS7vDerX-XJ2BhQ6VyrI9EBpQiWFNVob0uDMELj05Tea8KCLphCpcQxUgzzw6gX5dIn7dpC7xLdb5z817zwQ3N1LP3ZZDyUQ9g5cp6gBvm3n3M8-fq3c-ssRPKUR5PgrQ630fAXgY199leRr_fzkupDgbE5WcA4J3kPFM4nQbIu235Z-BIeWCvt9-BoUhtBI30GoSgLEAiGWbvqxdpDCAUV5CtZMNO4Qp3YeeyDdTR2x5CcT3iDhpqN1A&__tn__=CH-R

Join us every week as Kim helps us to feel good in our bodies, find our peace with food, have overall wellness in our lives and Feeds Our Souls!

Join us for more conversation at:

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