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Episode 59: Wellness Tool #2 Journaling with Prompts

April 01, 2021 Kim McLaughlin Episode 59
Feed Your Soul with Kim
Episode 59: Wellness Tool #2 Journaling with Prompts
Show Notes

There is so much to share on journaling. If you listened to the first podcast on journaling, you need to listen to even more ways to journal. I have been journaling more since my last podcast. 

This week we look at another way to journal that is super creative and can help reach deeper inside of yourself. 

In this week Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast we are looking at the value of journaling, we will:

  • Identify 4 ways to get journaling. 
  • Look at the number 1 gift my writing coach gave to me. 
  • Six journaling questions to get you started. 


Get the Am I an Emotional Eater Quiz that I mention in the podcast here:



Emotional Eating Solutions- 8-week course


Book I mention in the podcast:

The Courage to Heal- by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass

Here are the journaling prompts discussed in the podcast: 

·         I feel most free when I…

·         I am most afraid...

·         My fears keep me from…

·         I love myself most when I…

·         My childhood kitchen was…


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Kim McLaughlin, MA

Kim McLaughlin is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, inspirational coach, speaker, and writer. She helps people who feel frustrated overwhelmed and overloaded, and it shows up in overeating. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology. She is certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She assists people to gain peace with food. 

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