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December 16, 2020 Mike Williams and Scott Schlofman Season 1 Episode 33
The Selling Podcast
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Phil Everhart, Founder and President of SmartFox Technologies, graciously answers our questions about the importance of forecasting and how to do it correctly. With COVID-19 taking over in 2020 and budgets tightened, it is critical for companies, managers, and representatives to forecast accurately and effectively.

SmartFox Technology is a business forecast management (BFM) application that is built to work in the Salesforce™ environment. And the purpose is to provide a BFM that helps company leaders predict future revenue base on rules (not emotional guesses), past events, objective representative input,  and management insight.

To be effective in sales, product has to be available in finished inventory when you need it. Something everyone in manufacturing is familiar with after COVID-19. For products to be in stock, you need to have an accurate forecast. The vicious cycle begins and end with an accurate forecast. Listen and learn about SmartFox and the keys to predicting the future!

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