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November 17, 2021 Mike Williams and Scott Schlofman Season 2 Episode 44
The Selling Podcast
Show Notes

Four key steps to start a new business:

  1. Scalability
  2. Marketability
  4. Sustainability

For the next four weeks will will analyze the 4 aspects to starting a business.

There are many parts to profitability that we don't watch as sales people. Profitability might be one of those but it is fundamentally important and I guarantee that you are watching it. Why do you sell certain products over others? It is likely because they are either easier to sell or they pay more... usually both!

What are you selling?

The company often times moves you to sell an item by paying more (higher commission.) When they want you to sell less, they reduce the commission and that usually makes sales people angry and some might actually leave. We need to analyze why we are selling certain goods and services. What is the best for the business? What is the best for our business? 

We speak about profitability of sales and how to maximize our wealth.

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