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November 24, 2021 Mike Williams and Scott Schlofman Season 2 Episode 45
The Selling Podcast
Show Notes

Four key steps to start a new business:

  1. Scalability
  2. Marketability
  3. Profitability

For the next four weeks will will analyze the 4 aspects to starting a business.

How long can you keep all the plates spinning? I am always amazing when someone is  juggling. The hand eye coordination to keep everything moving in an organized manner when it appears to be chaotic. When I try to juggle, I start out small but within seconds, it gets wildly out of control and everything drops. Is this like my everyday sales?

How many things can I get going before it is too much and it all comes crashing down? What is sustainability? Are you able to keep doing what you are doing for a long-time? Here are a couple key pieces:

  1. Know what you are good at and stay within those parameters.
  2. When things get difficult, keep going if it is in your area.
  3. Define your hard stop limits. Things will get difficult and feel like too much. Know the difference between stretching and tearing.

Sustainability is the culmination of the three fundamental pillars (scalability, marketability and profitability.) Knowing where you stand on the 3 elements will allow you know if you can sustain. All of these pieces must be properly balanced for success.

What pieces are we missing in the conversation to starting a business? We would love to hear from you!

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