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December 29, 2021 Mike Williams and Scott Schlofman Season 2 Episode 50
The Selling Podcast
Show Notes

If you have not listened to the first episode, please go back and get caught up on who we are speaking with. Guy Hollingsworth is an amazing person. His insights and life lessons are outstanding. His push to ensure you are moving in the right direction (education, life or career) is crucial.

In this episode we discuss the following:

  • How to travel? - Our sales travel is not multiple months at a time but Guy shares how to make the most out of travel.
  • Are you finding the reason to impact humanity? If you are, then you will be able to go to work every day and put in hard work.
  • We are all in the business of sales - We are always selling something to someone.
  • How can we help others find their mission?
  • What are you willing to do to accomplish your mission? Are you fully committed because it is a good cause... the best cause? 
  • Find what you are good at. This is not the same as finding what you want to do. What you want to be doing might be different than what you are good at.

There is a difference between persistence and tenacity. Don't be a jerk as you are tenacious. There is a better way. Not giving up and doing everything possible to be persistent and tenacious.

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