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January 12, 2022 Mike Williams and Scott Schlofman Season 2 Episode 52
The Selling Podcast
Show Notes

Mike and Scott discuss that resolutions are different than quotas. Resolutions are personal and could be used but don't wait until the New Year. Here are some tips we have about resolutions:

  • If you find something that needs to be changed, do so immediately! This will only make you a better person.
  • Personal improvement is a must and a time to reflect about improvements should be made regularly. 
  • Have an accountability partner to help measure progress on the change.
  • Lead and Lag measures are often seen in goals but can be hard for resolutions... that is okay!

Quotas - These are a constant in sales and provide the ultimate "lag" measure. Focusing on the "lead" measures of sales, help drives the results that are desired. Here are some tips on lead measures:

  • If they are important enough to have as measurements, they are important to block time on your calendar.
  • Ensure that your lead measures are proven to develop into the ideal lag measures. There is nothing worse than wasting activity in something you think is right but produces less than desired results.
  • Some lag measures are long and regular lead measure check ups are required. Formulate smaller lead measures that keep the focus on the end result.

Let us know what you would add.