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Ep 12. "Operation: Save Uterus" with Lorraine Giordano

August 04, 2020 TeAirra & Dr. KaTe Season 1 Episode 12
Holistic Hope Podcast
Ep 12. "Operation: Save Uterus" with Lorraine Giordano
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Lorraine Giordano of Inspired to Health is an intuitive healer who works to help people keep their energies clear of negativity in order to promote healthy living in their day to day. In our conversation with Lorraine, she shares her amazing healing discoveries found in her journey through Operation: Save Uterus where she was able to naturally heal herself to completely avoid a hysterectomy, leading to her becoming a healer to others. She was not willing to give up her uterus, and Operation Save Uterus was born. Lorraine Giordano's story will shock you and inspire you to consider what and how you can save your body before it's too late.

Lorraine Giorano

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About Lorraine Giordano
Start of Energy Journey
Beginning of "Operation: Save Uterus"
Chakras 101
Why the Sacral and Root Chakras
Being Open to Exploring Solutions
How Self-Healing Leads to Healing Others
Trusting Yourself to Heal + Receive Healing
C-Sections: "I Do" vs. "I Am"
Using Your Breath to Connect with Life Force Energy
Lorraine's Good, Bad, and Ugly