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Ep 13. Birth Evolved with Erin Acharya

August 11, 2020 Erin Acharya Episode 13
Holistic Hope Podcast
Ep 13. Birth Evolved with Erin Acharya
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Being a hypnotherapist, Erin shares with us the benefits of being present in the moment to feel the emotions we are experiencing. It explains how to take a breath so that you can respond appropriately rather than react to any given situation, especially when motions are high. Erin also describes how curiosity opens the door to possibility when we give ourselves permission to explore what it feels like to a version of ourselves to be most desired to be.

Erin Acharya with Birth Evolved

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Introduction to Erin
How your triggers can be a powerful teaching moment
Identifying the feelings and emotions and expressing it
Baseline and understanding your emotions before stressors snowball
Space that you can buy to respond one way or the other
Fertility stressors that are NOT helpful and how that feels and may sound like
Breaking out of the fertility stressors with more than words
Meditation made simple
EFT/TFT: emotional tools that let yourself vent