Holistic Hope Podcast

Ep 16. Why Holistic Hope, Revisited

September 22, 2020 TeAirra & Dr. KaTe Season 2 Episode 16
Holistic Hope Podcast
Ep 16. Why Holistic Hope, Revisited
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The Holistic Hope Podcast is launching our second season and we wanted to revisit Episode 1's topic of "Why Holistic Hope." In this episode, we share our personal stories that led us to start our own holistic wellness journies, which eventually led to us helping other women empower themselves to claim their own healing. 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You're ready to claim your own healing without intense medical intervention or medications. 
  • You're wanting to learn how to practice being present to facilitate a healthy healing environment. 
  • You're ready to be accountable for your personal care and growth. 
  • You're willing to explore different holistic wellness modalities with an open mind. 
  • You're excited to begin your journey and the decision to no longer allow external circumstances to impact your internal state of being. 

We're so excited you are here, let the healing begin. 

"Why Holistic Hope, Revisited" Intro
TeAirra's Story: the Root of Desiring Wellness Empowerment
The Discovery of Holistic Wellness
TeAirra's Prayer that Led to Her Wellness Empowerment
Kate's Story: the Power of Alignment
The Question that Changed Kate's Trajectory
Realizing You Can't Bury the Worry
Why We Love Holistic
Episode 16's Handy Holistic Guide