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Legal Grounds | Larry Bridgesmith

December 07, 2022 Mike H. Bassett
Legal Grounds | Conversations on Life, Leadership & Law
Legal Grounds | Larry Bridgesmith
Show Notes

If you like technology, then you’re going to love this week’s episode.

But if the rise of things like A.I. and the ‘Blockchain’ seems foreign, even scary, well then I hope this week’s episode can broaden your perspective and maybe even put your mind at ease. 

My guest this week is Larry Bridgesmith, an attorney with more than 4 decades of experience in the legal arena, who has tried cases before the United States Supreme Court; the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth AND Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals as well as numerous federal and state courts.

Larry is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University, and the founding executive director of the Institute for Conflict Management at Lipscomb University. He currently teaches at multiple institutions in areas from business to bioethics. 

But aside from being a brilliant lawyer, Larry has a passion for technology and how it can aid the Justice System in becoming more efficient. 

To that end, he co-founded LegalAlignment, which provides technology tools and legal project management training to assist lawyers in managing the delivery of legal services more efficiently with greater transparency and price predictability. 

DASH, the companies primary legal technology platform, was chosen as a finalist in the 2021 British Legal Technology Awards program in the Innovative Legal Services category.

A lot of the ideas discussed are actually fairly uncomplicated. 

For example: Allow software to generate/complete the more monotonous, but still incredibly necessary task so they can simply be reviewed by an attorney, saving time and money for all parties involved. 

Larry and I discuss why, how and when law firms should adopt new technologies, the myth that efficiency equals less billable time, and how the landscape of the economy is becoming more collaborative. 

As always, Enjoy the Show!