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Legal Grounds | Sofia Ramón

March 29, 2023 Mike H. Bassett
Legal Grounds | Conversations on Life, Leadership & Law
Legal Grounds | Sofia Ramón
Show Notes

I’ve never heard any podcast host admit it, but when you get the opportunity to interview someone who excels at what they do AND also happens to be a good friend… well, it kind of feels like cheating. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I prepared for this week’s episode because some of the subjects are deeply serious. 

And of course I wasn’t just going to wing it on my introduction. 

But when it came time for the questions, I got through about ¼ of what we could have discussed. 

My guest this week is Sofia Ramón, Manger & Cofounder of Ramón | Worthington, a majority-women owned and minority-owned law firm.

Having practiced trial law for over three decades, she has primarily represented defendants in first-party insurance claims, transportation law, commercial, insurance, and serious personal injury matters - just to name a few of her specialties.

Sofia is also a qualified Mediator, an executive board member of the Texas Association of Defense Counsel, and proudly serves as a National Director for AVANCE, INC., an organization which works to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty through innovative, two-generation educational support for families with young children. 

We discuss how making connections early in your career can help you become a better lawyer and leader, the impact of mentorship, and what to do about the very real disparities in representation for Latino and Latina Lawyers. 

But maybe more than anything, this episode feels like the coffee break conversations that inspired this podcast. 

So pardon the occasional curse-word, and know that teasing is a love-language. 

Enjoy the show!