The Joyful Energetic Mama Podcast

Embracing Spiritual Wellness with Nhu-Mai Simon

April 15, 2021 Carla Diaz
The Joyful Energetic Mama Podcast
Embracing Spiritual Wellness with Nhu-Mai Simon
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Joyful Energetic Mama Podcast: Embracing Spiritual Wellness with Nhu-Mai Simon!

How comfortable are you with talking about spirituality? Are you curious about embracing spiritual wellness?

Spirituality is one of those topics that causes your emotions to stir. I’ve met people who embrace this type of discussion and I’ve also met people who get visibly uncomfortable and even upset with the mere mention of spirituality and or being spiritual.

Recently, I’ve become more open about embracing my spiritual journey.  While I feel that it has helped me to expand my views and perspective and I feel more connected to spirit, I’ve also taken some of the heat that comes along with being open about this.

While I fully respect everyone’s right to believe what they believe, I know that for me having a holistic approach to my spiritual needs has helped me to feel more connected and more wholehearted. I know that I am part of something greater, something bigger than myself. Embracing spiritual wellness has shaped the way I view human existence, the way I view my purpose and my personal values.

If embracing spiritual wellness is something that you are curious about or something that you want to further embrace you are going to love today’s guest, Nhu- Mai Simon.

Nhu-Mai Simon is a Mom, Teacher, Mentor, intuitive Reader and Yogini. She has been teaching for over 10 years in the US and internationally. She is passionate about guiding others in recognizing their true nature and potential so they may live their best lives. She teaches spiritual practices and guides her clients through intuitive reading and healing sessions.  She also loves being a student of yoga. An interesting fact about her is that her oldest son was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

You can follow Nhu-Mai on Instagram at:
@empath_mentor_love where she hosts ORACLE TUESDAYS @ 11 A.M. MST - a live session where she pulls messages from her oracle card readings. Don't miss it! 

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